Art integrated learning- 10 best useful activities for teachers.

Art Integrated learning- You must wonder, What is this? Is it a game or a Subject? Here I clarify all the doubts related to Art integrated learning. Art integrated learning is the teaching-learning model. It is the process where art becomes the medium. It is a medium for teaching the learning process.

In earlier times art is a subject. Else we can say Art is a teaching tool to supplement the teaching-learning process. But now a day as we apply AIL( art integrated learning) in our curriculum. Therefore, Art complements the teaching-learning process.

Art integrated learning is a student-centric approach. The role of a teacher is a facilitator. As like the experiential teaching-learning process. Art integrated learning is based on learning through arts and learning with arts. Further, it relates the child to the real world.

As the name suggests “Art integrated learning”. The learning occurs using different forms of art. Arts two types :

  1. Visual arts
  2. Next is performing arts.

Visual arts such as :

  • Painting and drawing then
  • sculpture – clay modeling
  • printmaking
  • photography
  • filmmaking

Performing arts for Art integrated learning :

  • dance then
  • theater and drama
  • Music

We can surely further discuss these all activities with examples. Before that let’s discuss the benefits of art integrated learning.

Benefits of art integrated LEARNINg :

  • Art education helps to develop 3 main domains i.e
    1. cognative
    2. Psych-motor and
    3. Affective domains
  • Lerning through art integrated becomes Holistic. Further ,
  • It promots joyful and experiential learning.
  • Through this learning becomes everlasting.
  • helps to develop self confidents in students.
  • It refers to group learning and peer learning .
  • Implies art integrated curriculum.
  • It makes the learning effective, intresting and meaningful.
  • Provides inclusive classroom environment.
  • Develop critical thinking skills and communications skills.
  • allows the free involvement of the children.
  • Facilitate the children to express his views and emotion easily.

So if your teaching-learning process is based on Art integrated learning. Then your children may benefit from all the above-mentioned advantages.

Now, let us discuss how as a teacher you implement Art integrated learning in your class.

Points to keep in mind as a teacher for Art Integrated learning :

While applying Art Integrated Learning in your classroom, you should keep in mind the following points. So the teaching-learning process becomes meaningful and joyful as well. And you can easily achieve the targeted teaching-learning outcomes.

1. Proper Planning of activities:

To introduce any approach or activity preplanning is required. So as a teacher first you should properly pre-plan activities. Prepare the TLOs Teaching-learning outcomes. Being the teacher you should keep in mind that :

  • Activity must be easy.
  • All students can perform it.
  • Your center goal is to achive TLO. (Teaching learning outcomes)
  • Your goal never shift to perform the art.
  • Appreciate the child.
  • Never demoralise the child.
  • Further you should remember that your role is guider.
  • Activity shoul Child centred.

2. Useful resources for Art Integrated learning:

While planning the activity, the teacher should think about the availability of resources. She should think that :

  • Resources are environment friendly.
  • Further they are reusable.
  • Then economically affordable.
  • Innovative and
  • Locally available.

3. Space for Art integrated learning:

The traditional way of teaching has fixed classroom space. The teaching process is teacher-centric. But here in the Art integrated learning is Students centric. So as a teacher you should keep in mind that :

  • Students have flexibility to perform activity.
  • Flexible seating plan.
  • Have spaces where children get opportunities :
    1. to explore
    2. to experiment
    3. freely express the views .
  • While performing the activity make sure that you devide the class in :
    1. the group or
    2. peer (pair)
  • Every classroom should have display board. Where you can display the work of the child.

4. Time mangement for art integrated learning :

Time management is an integral part of any activity. If the time is well planned you can achieve the goal easily. Further, it makes the learning joyful and interesting for the kids. For that you can use :

  • Block period
  • morning assembly time
  • any festivals
  • any occassions as celebration.

This type of planning not only makes the learning joyful. But also promotes experiential learning. Here I share the link of activities for experiential learning. Click on the link. You find so many activities for experiential learning.

5. Assessment of Art integrated learning activities :

Assessment is a very important part of any learning process. Earlier students can either by pen-paper test or an oral test. But here in Art integrated learning process :

  • You continuously observe the children.
  • The students have multiple ways of learning.
  • Hence , he has multiple ways for assessment.
  • Here you assess subjects as well as other skills also.

Using the art integrated activity learning becomes competency-based. Hence the assessment also becomes competency-based. So we can say it promotes the competency-based assessment.

Now let’s discuss some activities for AIL. Art integrated learning further promotes the interdisciplinary approach. Here below I share some subject-wise activities for art integrated learning.

Activities for Art Integrated learning :

Art integrated learning activities help for the holistic learning of the child. We can inter-connect arts with many subjects. As above we discuss that we learn through art. Further, we can learn with art. We can connect :

  • Mathematics with art.
  • can teach EVS(science) through art.
  • language through arts
  • Social science with arts
  • And many more subjects.

Here below I share subject wise activities for AIL.( Art integrated learning )

1. Language :

We all think that Language means the teaching of Prose and Poetry. In other words, we can say teaching of literature or poetry. I believe language may develop through these four competencies.

  • Listening Then ,
  • Speaking
  • Reading Lastly
  • Writing( LSRW)

These four competencies are strongly interconnected. If you can Listen correctly, then you speak correctly. If you speak correctly then you can read correctly. Lastly, you read correctly definitely you can write. Using the following art integrated activities. You can develop these four skills. The list of activities are as follows :

  • Dramaatization
  • Roleplay
  • Puppet making
  • Rangoli making
  • poem recitation
  • story telling
  • Comprehension reading
  • Mask making
  • Drawing and pasting.

Let’s take the example of making Rangoli: To follow the activities teacher firstly instruct them :

  • Firstly you instruct them to join the dots.
  • Here Students listen to you. And follow the instruction.
  • Furteher you instruction tgem to make the rangoli you know.
  • Then instruct to fill colour the as you like.
Art integrated learning
  • The rangoli may like this .
  • At this stage you try to develop the listening skills among them.
  • Now, you ask question them. Such as,
    1. When do you make rangoli ?
    2. Did you make rangoli in this Diwali ?
    3. Ask about types rangoli?
    4. Do you like rangoli?
    5. State where Rangoli made .
    6. Other names of rangoli etc.

At this stage, you try to develop speaking skills among students. As you ask the questions students respond. Directly or indirectly learning take place. In a way, students enjoy rangoli making. You can easily develop the learning skills among them. Further, you can give them a story related to rangoli. Suppose importance making rangoli. Here instruct them to read the comprehension carefully. And further, tell them to find out the answer to questions. Write in the notebook.

Language for (Grade 1 & 2)

At the grade 1 and 2 level, children are very small. So here you have to plan the activity very carefully. Let’s take the example of a finger puppet.

You can show such types of puppets to the kids. And instruct them to make the puppets. The teacher should provide the topic. Related to that topic, students make the puppet. To develop LSRW teachers may ask the following questions. Let’s take the above example as a topic.

  1. What can you see in my hand?
  2. The colour of sun is__________.
  3. The colour of cloud is_________

Later you provide small comprehension on the sun or The rain. You instruct them to find out the above words. Instruct them to write these words in the notebook. Teachers can encourage them to speak few lines or words related to the topic.

Likewise, if you can use many art integrated activities. You can make your class joyful and holistic. To make your classroom more joyful online mode,I have some activities for you all for online teaching learning. Click on this”8 useful ways for online learning.” Above some activities are mentioned. You can use that as per the level of the kids.

2. Mathematics Activities :

Like other subjects, you can connect maths in day-to-day life teach easily. You can easily connect maths with art. Make your classroom teaching more interesting and effective. Activities such as :

  • Tell the time
  • String art and teach whole and half.
  • Drawing and pasting
  • Role paly
  • Making of 2D and 3D shapes
  • Making of model such as Abacus , watch , calender
  • Werli painting
  • Joining dots

Let’s take the example of the teaching Fraction. You can instruct the students to make circles from the hardboard.

As above shown instructed to draw a half-circle or any shape. Then instruct them to make half of that shapes. Then further instruct them to make the quarter of the shape. Likewise, you can connect fractions with art. You can teach very difficult topics very easily.

Likewise, you can tell them to make a model of a Clock. Using that model you can teach time. And additionally using the same model you can teach fractions. Art Integrated learning activity makes maths learning easy.

Mathematics Art integrted learning for Grade 1 & 2 :

Mathematics seems a very difficult subject. But using the art integrate approach at this stage you can make more joyful. For the tiny tots, the learning should be joyful and activity-based. So that they can enjoy and at the same time they learn. Some suggested activities are as follow :

  1. Shapes making
  2. counting objects from outside
  3. roleplay
  4. drawing and pasting
  5. joining dots
  6. poem recitation on numbers
  7. model making
  8. clay modeling

Let’s the example of counting objects and pasting stars, stickers to count the numbers. At the same time, you can show youTube videos of number counting. There are tunks of videos available on the Internet.

As you can see in the above picture. Students use matchsticks for counting numbers. Children enjoy the activity. And the same time using the Art integrated approach they learn also. You can see children collect and paste various leaves, shells, stickers, etc. Even they cut the shapes and paste them. This way they learn and enjoy using this teaching-learning activity. As a result, learning becomes everlasting and holistic.

Teachers can teach Addition, subtraction then multiplication easily using this approach. Art integrated learning creates a joyful environment for the children. Additionally, it helps to develop cognitive and psychomotor skills among the children.

3. Enviornmental study (sceince) :

EVS is a subject where you can do so many Arts integrated learning activities. As the subject itself have a bunch of activities. Using art integrated learning we not only teach the child. But also makes the learning process child-friendly. Give them enough space to express their views and emotions. Here are some activities for you all :

  1. Field visit
  2. Project making
  3. Map recording
  4. Dramatization
  5. Model making
  6. planting seeds
  7. File making
  8. Family tree
  9. clay modeling
  10. drawing and pasting
  11. mask making
  12. fency dress

Evs can teach easily using the above-mentioned activity. Let’s take the example of project making. The teacher can give one particular state tell them to collect all the information about it. And draw or paste them. Information such as

  1. Traditional dishes of that place
  2. Traditional costumes
  3. can prepare folk dance
  4. can prepare folk song and many more thing.

By doing this art-based activity students come to know about almost all the related things of that state.

Let’s another example we can arrange a community lunch. And instruct the students to wear the traditional dress of its state. Then bring a traditional dish of its state. And prepare songs or speech in his/her mother tongue. In this way, students enjoy the community lunch. And using Art integrated learning activity learning becomes holistic and joyful.

You can instruct to draw or paste wild animal or can mask of it. And make the sound of that animals. You can take the children to the garden. Tell them to draw and color any five plants and trees.

You can enact a railway station scene and ask them to observe these plays and answer the question. You also arrange a fancy dress competition. And instruct students to enact policeman, soldier, or traffic policeman. You can teach Our helpers easily.

EVS Art integrated learning for Grade 1 & 2 :

For the students of classes 1 and 2, you can easily use the above given all activities. You can arrange a fancy dress competition. Under which you can tell them :

  • to be an any animal or bird
  • police or doctor(any profession)
  • junk food packet
  • rainbow
  • any tree

By seeing them students come to know about many concepts. Such as animals, birds, trees, or many more. You can arrange according to the topic. Or instruct them to speak at least two-three lines on it. Drawing and pasting are the best way of teaching at this stage. As students, they enjoy all these activities very much.

Here I provide many activities related to EVS / Science subjects. You can easily use it in your classroom. Using this Art integrated learning activities. You can make learning interesting and joyful for the kids.

Conclusion :

I believe finally you have a clear idea of Art integrated learning. Above I have given a list of activities. And also I explain many activities in detail subject wise. I hope these activities help you all. Using these art integrated activities you are able to make :

  • your classroom teaching joyful.
  • learning process intresting and effective.
  • holistic learning of the children.

Implement these activities in your teaching. And make your classroom learning enjoyable for the children.

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