Competency-based learning – best model lesson plan cum PPT.

The competency-based learning lesson plan cum PPT is the best way to present any model lesson plan. Here below I provide the model lesson plan. And down below the PPT of the same lesson plan. These not only make your teaching easy but also effective. These competency-based lesson plan cum PPT surely help you to make better lesson plan ahead.

What is Competency based learning ?-

The definition of competency-based learning. The benefits of competency-based learning. Key features of competency-based learning. I have discussed in the articles competency-based learning VS the Traditional way of learning. Click on the link you find all the concepts and examples related to competency-based learning.

Here we discuss the lesson plans of competency-based learning. Let’s see in detail:

NAME OF TEACHER:                     POST:                           Class- 


Chapter Name- FOOD AND FUN                        Theme- Food     
Sub-theme :
  1. Balance diet  
  2. Methods of cooking 
  3. Importance of food during festivals

Teaching Learning Outcomes(TLO) for Competency-based learning – lesson plan cum PPT:

  • To be able to understand about the sources of food.
  • Able to understand healty food habit and unhealthy food habit.
  • Understand What is Balance Diet.
  • Able to undestand different intresting methods of cooking.
  • Discuss about the vessels used for cooking.
  • Understand the imprtance food during festivals and gathering.
  • Concept of mid day meal.
  • Life of borading or hostel.
  • To know about states and its traditional dish.

Part B – Lesson plan

The above lesson plan is on the topic – Food. I try to cover the whole them Food here. But you can prepare as per your need and level of the child. And Further you can correlate it with art, mathematic, English and other subjects. To Make it more interesting. Now let’s see the lesson plan.

ContentCompetency focused Critical thinkingMultidisciplinary approach

Observation of various types of food items and their sources.
Identification and classification of vessels and food of different states
Observation & Reporting  
i) Topic:  Food  
ii) Subtopic: Different food items and their sources.
iii) Suggestive Methodology:  Discussion, Arrangement of community lunch

1 The teacher will introduce the lesson by checking their previous knowledge asking questions from the previous class chapter related to Food.

2) Teacher may share a video of the lesson and asked them to watch it carefully.   

Now let’s instruct students to open lunch boxes to observe the food. Try to make learners understand the food concept.  

3)Teacher will show discuss “What is food”. And ask Relevant questions. (Here in the bold font questions are given)   

Even make them understand about the sources of food. we get them from trees & plants And animals.

4)ACTIVITY:-Teacher will show different pictures of food items.  (worksheet may use)  
( Slide No. 1 )
5)Activity:-Teacher will give an activity about the listing of food that they bring in the lunch box  Sharing of food during lunch and observing the food items of different states and what their friends bring. :  Community Lunch  
(Slide No.7)

6) Assessment: ( Slide No. 8)
The teacher in recess time can sit with them and ask the students to open their lunch box and ask, what is in their lunch box?

LET them now eat their food and now The teacher can ask:
1) Which is your favorite food? Why?

2) What do they like to eat:

a) in their breakfast?
b) in their lunch?
c) in their dinner?

3) Can anyone have a food allergy?
4)Is the food cooked?
5.  Which states food do they like the most and why?
Can correlate with the art and drawing allow the students to draw different food items.

Teacher also can correlate with language and instruct the students to write few lines on the Importance of food.
   1. Name the food items from figure  1Name the food items from figure
2.Observe and tell which lunch box food do you like?  

(b) To identify the different food items and their nutrients value.        Classify junk food and balanced diet 
Identification and classification
II)  Topic::  Food I
i) Subtopic:   Food Groups.


 Different food nutrients and their importance.

To develop the concept of a balanced diet and healthy food habits  

Expression and explanation regarding different methods of cooking.
iii) Suggestive methodology: The teacher will show a video on the importance of food.

Importance of food and PPT prepared by her.   (Down below)

ACTIVITY:-Teacher will show a food group chart and asked the students to identify the types of food group and write its name. 

(worksheet) Nutrition at different stages *Components of food *Healthy food Teacher will show a video/chart / PPT on nutrients of the food. NUTRIENTS OF FOOD.


Q.1 What is a balanced diet?.
  Q.2. Classify the food into healthy food items and junk food items.  

Q: 3  Identify And classify  the cooking methods and write in the box given :
French Fries : __________
The teacher will tell the students. What are the components of food (Nutrients}carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, and vitamins )

1What is a balanced diet?

2. Why do it necessary to take a balanced diet?  

3. What are the methods of cooking is shown in the picture? (by vessels they have to answer )  

4.  How do you cook at home which method is mostly used at your home?
The further teachers can integrate with math and instruct to write the prizes of the food items.
(c) Discovery of facts about life in Boarding schools and food prepared during  different festivals     To explore the concept of mid-day meal and community lunch  III. Discovery of facts

i) Topic:    Food  Community Lunch    
ii) Sub Topic: Food Diversity     To know the cultural diversity of food   
   iii) Methodology used: Listens to others on themes like ways of cooking food in a family, festival or langar:

Activity: 1. Can Show video of Gurudwara and langar preparation
.          2. Can Show videos of wedding functions, festivals, etc where food is prepared together by another member of the group and family     

  2 )Teacher may share a video on cultural diversity in food and then will ask them questions:– Food items of different states.

(Identification and classification of vessels. Identification of the food of different states)

*What is the famous food of your own state?

*What is your favorite food? Why?

* What is langar? Why do they eat and cook together

* What are the other festivals and functions in which you eat and cook together.  

FOOD AND COOKING   Teacher may show a video on different ways of cooking. 

Discovery of facts about life in Boarding schools and food prepared during different festivals in the hostel.

Let the students discuss it    
To explore the concept of mid-day meal:   To show the video related to mid-day meal. 

Make the students aware of mid-day meals by discussion method.

What is a mid-day meal?

Why do they eat in school?

Have you ever visited Gurudwara? Where or when?

In what ways boarding schools different from other schools?

 Do you ever think  Who cooks food in the boarding school?

Who washes the vessels?    
There are different dishes of food of diff. countries which are famous all over the world.

Food dishes like pizza, pasta, noodles’ Which are the famous food of Western countries.  

Different things are eaten in different countries. Can you tell me- Which food item ate in China is responsible for the spread of coronavirus?

#Our country has different regions famous for different dishes of food.
Punjab- CholeBhature,
Karnataka dosa etc are all famous all over the country.  
1) Why do you like to eat idli-dosa?

2. Why do we celebrate different festivals and cook special types of food?

3. Why does one have to move to the hostel?
4. Apart from Gurudwara which are other places where you cook and eat together?    
5.Why do we eat together?  
6. Why should we work together?   7. Do you enjoy eating together? With whom – with family or friends or both?
The teacher further co-relate to art tells them to draw vessels of cooking and color them.

In language, they can instruct to prepare a speech on the famous food of my state and its importance.
Lesson plan-Food

Above we can see that the lesson plan of Food. I covered almost all the topics related the food. the same way you can take any them or topic. Can prepare your competency-based lesson plan. Now here below I provide the PPT of the same lesson plan Food. Now Lets see it.

Competency based learning Lesson plan Cum – PPT.

As you can see many slides on the topic of Food. You can take an idea and can make your lesson plan cum PPT. This will surely help you.


Competency-based learning is a way of strengthening and enhancing students’ knowledge and skill. The above example of Food can show us. How can we provide deeper knowledge food using Competency-based learning?. The example of the food Competency-based learning lesson cum PPT definitely helps you to make your Lesson plan effective.

The food we eat………

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