Online learning vs offline learning- What are the Benefits and limitations?

Online learning vs offline learning – Which is best? Some say online mode is good or some say offline is a good way of teaching and learning. But do you know which is the best platform for your ward? The most common answer is No. I am here to make a clear picture for you of which one you prefer for your kids – Online learning or Offline learning? Being a parent you are also worried about your kids’ future. But no need to worry, you can find your solution here on my blog.

What do you get in this article ? 

  1. What is online learning?

2. Benefits of online learning

3. Limitation of Online learning

4. What is offline learning?

5. Benefits of offline  learning 

6. Limitation of offline  learning   

Now let’s First understand in detail what is online learning?

What is online learning ?

Online teaching is known as e-learning or virtual learning.  Online learning is a teaching-learning process where the kids learn and the teacher teaches using some electronic gadgets such as :

  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
  • Computer
  • And most importantly internet coverage.

It is a little difficult at the initial level but slowly your kid can be comfortable with the mode of teaching. There are many applications available on the play store to teach and learn online. Even many platforms are available to conduct online classes.

Now let’s understand what these applications and platforms are. You may have questions about how we use these applications. Where do we get them? Here I have the list of applications for you. You just have to click on this link and you will find the list of applications with the google link. And steps to use google meet comfortably. 

It is believed that an offline way of teaching is best because students are present physically. We can pay attention to them easily. But we don’t forget about the uses and benefits of Online classes. These benefits make online classes more effective and interesting.

 So let’s first discuss the benefits of the online teaching-learning process. 

Benefits of online learning :  Online learning vs offline learning.

Some important benefits of Online learning are as follow.

  1. Offer flexibility

2. Affordability

3. Effective learning

4. Use of various new technology

5. Time saver

Now, let’s discuss them in detail.

1 . Offer flexibility:

Online learning is also known as a personalized way of teaching-learning. Where Students learn at their own home space and location with the internet connection. Online learning is flexible and comfortable to use for kids as well as for teachers. 

Whereas in offline teaching they have to travel to get an education. The kids have to study at a fixed location in a fixed classroom. Sometimes the seats are also fixed. So that sometimes it creates boredom for the learners. So here we can say flexibility win against the offline classroom teaching-learning process. 

2. Affordability : 

Further, another very big advantage is that it is budget-friendly. As learning is in virtual mode. The students do not need to go to school. So no expenditure for transportation. No need to purchase textbooks as many apps are available. And e-resources and e-textbooks are available to use. Then further they can manage with one pair of uniform and other stationeries items. No need to buy shoes, socks, water bottles, lunch boxes, bags, and other items. Which are indeed needed in the offline classes but not here.

So in a way you can say it is very affordable and budget-friendly as compared to offline classes. 

3. Effective learning:

Both online and offline are effective ways of teaching and learning. It depends on the learner which they enjoy the most. But compared to offline classes online classes are a little more effective.  Do you think – Why ?. Because of online modes, there are various platforms, applications, animated videos, audiobooks, audio-video aids, and many e-resources are available. One can easily use that to teach effectively. And audio-visual aids are more interesting than old textbook one classroom teaching-learning processes. 

We can say online mode surely provides more effective and interesting learning than offline mode. But I again say it depends on learners and teachers. How they can make the learning process effective in a typical offline mode teaching-learning process.

4. Use of various new technologies :

As we know, it is an e-learning process. And one can use electronic gadgets and the internet to get an education. There are many new apps are available to make the learning process easy and effective. One can use Youtube, google form, google meet, Zoom classes to get and give education. 

In the virtual mode, One touch can create a live classroom. Where students can experience real-life experiences using technology.  Using 3D technology students get real-life experiences. AR(Augmented reality app) provides real-life experiences. Which makes learning easy. We can not bring the world to the real classroom situation. But in the virtual platforms, it is possible to bring the world and experience them using the various technologies. 

5. Time saver :

One of the best benefits of the online class is saving time. Again it is one of the drawbacks of the offline class. Students do not have to come to school to study. Time for up and down saves. Then there is no lengthy period system. As it is online, it is precisely planned, so there is no less or more timing for the teaching-learning process. And it allows the students to study whenever and wherever. Whether it is impossible in offline classroom situations. 

These are the benefits of online classroom situations. But as we know coins have two sides. Likewise, everything has two sides, bad and good. There are some limitations to online classes. Let’s see what they are:

Limitations of Online learning : Online learning vs offline learning.

Some of the limitations of online learning are as follows :

  1. Screen timing

2. Technical glitch

3. Feeling of isolation

4. Minimal use of group and peer work 

5. Lack of skilled teachers.

Let’s discuss them in detail.

1. Screen timing:

As I discussed above what are online classes. Under which I explain that learners need electronic gadgets to learn.  In Front of that gadget (mobile / Laptop/ Computer / i-pad/ tablets) students have to sit for hours and hours to learn. Which affects the eyesight of the kids. More screen timing is very dangerous for little kids. It not only weakens the eyesight of the kids but also affects the mental health of the kids. 

Screen timing is one of the biggest limitations of online classes. Whereas you can not face such a problem in offline mode. Students are physically present and enjoy the learning process. 

2. Technical glitch :

 Again one of the biggest limitations of the online classes. Network issue, wifi network, data connection, slow internet connection. The child can face these problems every day. Once the network is lost, the child is unable to learn. 

Sometimes unavailability of resources such as  mobile / Laptop/ Computer / i-pad/ tablets etc. It also deprives the child of getting an education. Such types of problems can not occur in the offline mode.  

3. Feeling of Isolation:

 In the offline mode, students learn together. Whereas in online mode students have a personalized learning space. Where he/she can learn alone. Sometimes it leads to isolation. As there is no recess break and friends around. Kids enjoy each other’s company. They not only learn together but also play and eat together. So such a type of social interaction is not possible here in online mode. Which ultimately leads to isolation. 

4. Minimal use of group and peer work :

As I discussed above, there is no social interaction. In the same way, it is not possible to conduct any group or peer activity in an online mode. As students are not present physically. Group activity and peer activities are very essential to develop social skills and interpersonal skills among the kids. But in the online mode, it is not possible. Which again makes the kids deprived and isolated from their friends.

 Due to which many social skills can not be developed in your kids. But do not worry I am here to resolve your problem. I have a solution- How could you develop social skills among your kids. Here is the solution: click on the link and you will find many activities to develop social skills among your kids. 

Minimal use of group and peer work is also one of the limitations of online classes. 

5. Lack of skilled teachers:

This is one of the prime problems which makes the online classes situation a big failure. As we know that everyone is not a technology pro and is comfortable with this change. Especially after one age, the teachers are uncomfortable using various electronic devices and technology. It is not possible to give training to each and every teacher over there. This is the biggest limitation of online classes’ lack of skilled teachers.

Above I discussed What is online learning? Its limitations and benefits. To decide which is a better, online or offline mode of teaching. Now let’s discuss What is the offline mode of learning? and its benefits and limitations. 

What is the offline mode of teaching  learning ?:

Offline modes of the teaching-learning process do not need any definition to understand. It is a typical traditional method of teaching. The learning process occurs at a specific time, at a specific space in the fixed classroom situation. Where teachers and students are present physically at a learning location for a specific time. Students can perform various activities under the guidance of the teacher. Activities such as – hands-on activities, group and peer activity, Activities related to real-life experiences, etc. It is a face-to-face teaching-learning process. 

Now we understand the offline mode of the teaching-learning process. Now, Let’s discuss the benefits of the offline mode of learning. 

Benefits of offline  learning : Online learning vs offline learning.

Some of the Benefits of offline  learning are as follows :

  1. Active Involvement of the students

2. Individual attention

3. Develop Social skills

4. Develop interpersonal skill

5. Joyful learning

1. Active Involvement of the students: Online learning vs offline learning.

Students learn face to face with teachers. Teachers can pay personal attention to them as they are present there in the classroom. So that many hands-on activities, group activities, and peer activities can be performed.  This makes the learning process not only enjoyable but also students can actively participate in the activity. As they are getting frequent feedback from the teachers, that motivates them to participate actively in the learning process. The same is not possible in the online mode of teaching.

2. Individual attention:

A Teacher can pay individual or personal attention. In the offline mode of learning, all the students are there in the classroom. So that teacher personally makes sure that they are participating in learning or not. She can provide feedback to them. So this mode promotes individual involvement in the learning. The attention of the teacher towards each and every child present over there in the classroom. But it is not possible in the online mode. As it is a personalized teaching-learning process. So control of the device is in the hand of the child. Technology is a barrier here in the online learning process. 

3. Develop Social skills

4. Develop interpersonal skill: Online learning vs offline learning.

In this traditional way of teaching, students learn together. They not only learn but they play and eat together. In Short, they enjoy the company of each other. Students have to spend his /her whole day with the entire class. Where the kid has to perform many activities with peers or sometimes in the group. These kinds of activities help to develop interpersonal relationships among the children

As I said, they eat and play together. So this helps to develop many social skills such as:

  1. Sharing is caring

2. Eat together

3. Respect each other

4. Feeling of brotherhood

5. Unity in diversity

6. Respect elders and many more.

But on the other side of online mode, the student feels isolated and lonely. So this is one of the important benefits of offline classroom teaching. 

5. Joyful learning:

Above we saw many benefits of offline learning. These all benefits help to make the teaching-learning process more interesting and joyful. Students participate and are involved in many activities with friends which not only provide only learning knowledge but also joy. Happiness to work with friends. Frequent reinforcement provides a positive environment to learn. The activity-based teaching-learning process gives them spades to think creatively and critically. All these make the learning process enjoyable for the kids. 

Online learning has some limitations with many benefits. Likewise, offline learning too has some limitations. Now let’s discuss its limitations.

Limitations of offline  learning   : Online learning vs offline learning.

Some of the limitations of offline learning are as follow:

  1. Fixed location & schedule 

2. Expensive

3. Technology

4. Sometimes foster boredom

5. Time management

1. Fixed location & schedule :

 This traditional way of teaching offline mode has a fixed location i.e school and class. At the same time have a fixed schedule i.e fixed timetable. This is the little limitation that sometimes is a hurdle for the kids. This kind of barrier is not there in the online learning situation. 

2. Expensive: Online learning vs offline learning.

I can say it is one of the biggest limitations of offline learning. Students have to spend a lot of money to pass one year of education. But at the same time, online education is cheaper than offline learning. 

Students have to spend lots of money on transportation, to buy textbooks, notebooks, uniforms and many other stationeries needed for schooling. So we can say that it makes learning very expensive than online learning.

3. Technology :

In the offline mode of education, it is very hard to use technology-based aids. As it is not always available to use. Carrying a laptop or mobile for kids is impossible. At the same time if the school has a facility of the e- classroom but all the teachers are not comfortable with its use. Or many times the rooms which have these kinds of facilities are always occupied. So here technology does not work like a miracle as we see in the online mode of learning. 

4. Sometimes foster boredom:

 Sometimes the offline mode of learning fosters boredom. If the teacher does not use effective methods of teaching or she does not use any innovative way of teaching. Students get bored immediately.  Sometimes teachers use textbooks and blackboards to teach, which fosters boredom in the children. Activity-based learning is a must while teaching offline. If a teacher fails to use activity-based teaching-learning effectively, it ends up with boring learning. 

In the online mode, many platforms and apps are available to make the learning interesting. So sometimes offline learning fosters boredom among the students.

5. Time management:  Online learning vs offline learning.

Time management is one of the biggest problems of offline teaching. Do you know why? Let’s see it. First, students have to wake up early in the morning to reach school. They have to pick up their transport to reach the schools. This needs lots of time to manage for the children as well as parents and teachers. Reaching school on time is the biggest problem. There is a lengthy 5 to 6 hours teaching-learning process. That too at a fixed location and place at a fixed time. But online mode does not have this type of problem. Students learn where and when they want to learn.

So time management is one of the biggest limitations of offline learning.

Now you are aware of the limitations and benefits of offline learning. 

Conclusion: Online learning vs offline learning.

Now you are aware of the online and offline modes of learning. You also have an idea of the benefits and limitations of online learning and offline learning. This article will surely help you to decide which mode of learning is best for your kids. Which one do you choose for your ward? Let me know in the comment section. Also, write Why do you choose this mode of learning.

Here the below I provide a comparison table of online learning vs offline learning. I hope it helps you all readers.

Online Benefits Offline limitations
Offer flexibilityFixed location & schedule 
Use of various new technologyTechnology
Effective learningSometimes foster boredom
Time saverTime management
Online Limitations Offline Benefits 
Technical glitchActive Involvement of the students
Screen timingIndividual attention
Minimal use of group and peer work Develop Social skills
Feeling of isolationDevelop interpersonal skill
Lack of skilled teachers
Joyful learning
Online learning vs Offline learning

I hope the above-given information helps you to find out your questions related to online learning and offline learning.

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