How to make an online education effective?- some important tips.

How to make an online education effective- is a big problem or I can say a big question nowadays. I can see that many people try to find out the ways of making this online education learning system effective. But some are doing very good or some fail to do so. But here I am providing you with some tips from my personal experiences of online teaching. These tips definitely help you to make your online education effective.

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In this article, we go through about : 

  1. Tips for teachers for effective Online education.

2. Tips for Students for effective Online education.

So let’s see first some best and practical tips for the teachers to make online education effective.

Tips for teachers for effective Online education. :

Tips for online education

1.Forming a what’s app group :

Classes are taken on virtual mode. Therefore, proper communication is needed between parents and teachers. So that all the information can pass easily to the students. For passing proper intimation of instruction to the parent, it requires having a platform. Where the teacher can pass all the important instructions. For that teacher can form what’s, app group. The teacher can intimate or inform parents regarding classes, Homework, and other information to the parents.

2. To conduct PTM regularly : 

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, It is impossible to meet parents physically. So the teacher can plan out once a month Parent-Teacher Meeting. Where the teacher can inform the parents about the progress of the child. Due to online education, it becomes more important, to update parents about the child’s progress. At the same time, it is important for the parents to inform the teacher about their ward. During PTM  if they have any doubts they can clear their doubts regarding Online educations here.

In this outbreak situation, the Parent is a strong bridge between the teacher and the students. Their role is very important. HE/She is the second teacher of the child likewise teacher is the second parent of the child. So to make online education effective the communication between parents and teachers is very essential.

Pillars of effective online education

3. Short period session :  

During online education, students get education on electric gadgets like Mobile, laptops, i-pad or tablets. To make online education more effective, teachers may plan the timetable in a way that students have less screen timing. The teacher can plan 30 to 35 min periods for the primary classes. 

Planning of shorter period also helps to make online education effective and interesting. 

4. Pre-planned timetable : 

Planning is the key to the success of any task. So planning is essential here also more making online education more effective. The teacher can make class wise and subject wise time table precisely and inform same to the students. A pre-plan timetable helps to reduce load and increase the students’ interest in learning. 

The Pre-planned timetable is one of the key tips to make online education effective.

5.Break-in between Period :

In the Online education system, students have to sit in front of the screen. And it affects their eyes sight and sometimes health also. So time table should plan in a way that students get at least 15 minutes break in between the period. So that they get a chance to freshen up. These break-between periods are important tips for you all to make online education interesting. 

6.Doubt clearing session : 

Students are not taking physical classes. If it is a traditional offline classroom teaching system then I think is easy for them to clear their doubt during or after completion of the lecture. But here on the online mode of education, there is a time limitation and other hurdles which can face by teachers as well students. 

So for that teacher can plan out one doubt clearing at the end of the chapter or end of the week. So that students can clear their doubts. This is further one of the key tips to make online education interesting.

7. Follow homework timetable: 

Likewise, class-wise timetable, the teacher can plan homework time table class-wise and subject-wise. A homework timetable can plan out for checking  & submitting the homework.

Homework submitting and homework checking timetables surely help to make online education effective. 

8. Arrange classes for Co-Curricular activities : 

Co-curricular activities are one of the effective strategies to make students attracted to online education. Co-curricular activities are an integral part of the education system. It helps for the all round development of the child. 

The teacher can plan Co-curricular periods once a week.  This is one of the effective ways of making online education effective and interesting. 

9.Child tracking record: 

The teacher can make a portfolio of the students where she can note down the progress of the students. In the portfolio, she may have  :

  • an attendance sheet 
  • Biodata of the child
  • Hobbies
  • Strength and weakness of the child
  • Medical history and many more.

Keeping records and tracking records of the child encourage the parents to send the child to the online class. As parents get timely updates of his ward like offline. So we can say that it is one of the innovative ways of making online education effective. 

10. Activity-based teaching :

 Learning is an important part of any mode whether learning is online or offline. If the learning process is interesting and effective then automatically students come to get online education.

So it is the responsibility of the teachers to make the learning process interesting and enjoyable. That would happen only using different activities and methods of teaching.

To make online education more effective and joyful, it is important that teachers should use:

  • Experiential learning 
  • Toy method
  • Multidisciplinary approach 
  • ICT based learning and many more.

And many activity-based teaching-learning processes. Here I provide you all some of the activities and a deep explanation about all these methods. Just click on the link you will find tunks of activities for Experiential learning. Some fun activities for online learning.

Activity-based learning is one of the best tips that I can give you all. Indeed, It makes your online education effective and joyful.

These all above-mentioned tips are for the teachers. They can use these tips to make their online education teaching effective. I assure you that if you use these tips it will make your online teaching more interesting and effective.

  As a teacher, my prime concern is for my tiny kids. How can I help them? I think you, parents also think about your ward effective online education learning. Here I am providing some tips for our students. Parents can use these tips for their kids. It will surely help them.

Now let’s see What are tips for Students for effective Online education?

Tips for Students for effective Online education.

Tips for effective online education

1.Screen timing:

To make online education effective or else I can say if you want your child can enjoy online learning. First thing as a parent you should do that reduce the screen timing of the ward. After completing the online classes don’t allow your child to use mobile or laptop or any device he is using for learning. 

As parents, you can control this habit of using mobile. You can fix a time to play on the device and doing way.

According to me Less use of device help your kids to pay more attention to online learning.

2.Eating habits:

 A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Make sure your kid eats timely and healthy. Healthy eating habits make them healthy. And they do not feel tier during learning. 

3.Information about any technical glitch :

If students face any technical error glitch, at the same time she should inform parents or teachers about that. So that it can not harm their study. Glitch-free learning also helps make online education effective.

4.Participate in the activity:

To make your online education effective, What is your duty as a student? Your duty is to participate actively in the teaching-learning process. Participation in the activity is one of the important tips I give you as a teacher. 

5.Regular submission of work :

The burden of any work makes the mind disturb. So to make your mind and body free from any stress or burden. As a student, you should make sure that you should do your homework daily. And also submit the homework daily. 

The regularity of doing and submitting homework is a key tip for all parents and students. You should definitely implement this habit in you, dear students. 

6.Clearing doubts timely :

Concept clarity is very important in the teaching-learning process. Again if your concept is cleared properly., you get interested in learning. Which indirectly makes online education effective. So as students, if you find any doubt while learning, immediately you can ask your teacher and try to clear your doubts. 

At a time you are unable to clear your doubts, then, later on, contact your teachers and clear the doubts. Indeed, Clearing doubts are one of the important I give you all to make online education learning effective.

7.Regular attendance :

If you join the online classes regularly, you never feel surprised or deprive. I use these words because if you are not attending the online classes on regular basis, you might get surprised that what is going on or you are unaware of the syllabus going on. You can not connect to the learning process. As you do not have any idea about previous classes. Learning is a continuous process so students all should attend the classes regularly. Which makes your online learning effective. 

Therefore as a teacher, I suggest that you should attend your online classes regularly.

8. Space of learning :

To make online learning effective, it is essential where you are taking your class. As a teacher, I can give you tips that, You can sit at a place where no one can disturb you. It has enough light. It has a peaceful atmosphere. And It is an airy space. 

Space of learning is definitely helpful to make your online learning effective and joyful as well.

9. Internet connection and device :

 For online education, two things are very essential. First is the device i.e Mobile or any electronic device. Secondly internet connection. As a parent, you should make sure that the device your child is using has all the desirable apps and a good speed internet connection.

If the internet speed is good, then students can not have to face any technical glitch. Without any disturbance, they can connect to the class and attend online classes. Which makes online learning effective.

10. Active participation of parents :

   I have given enough tips to the teachers and students. But the third pillar of this online learning system is parents. It is a very important pillar. They are the means or connectors between teachers and students. So their active role is very important to make this online education learning effective and joyful. 

So parents your active participation is very essential. As parents, your guider for your child or I can say you’re the second teacher of the child at home. So your participation is at both the place with students and at the same time with the teacher also.

These are some tips for you all my kids and parents over there. Using these tips you can make your online learning not only effective but also joyful.

Conclusion :

At last, I would like to thanks all my teachers, parents, and students, without whom this online education couldn’t be possible. So thank you to each and every respected teacher and parent to make this possible. Here I am just providing these tips which I am using during my online classes. You can also use these tips and it will surely make your online education effective.

These tips are tried and tested during my online education. This education indeed makes my online education effective. I assure you that It will definitely make your online education effective.

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