What is Virtual Learning?- 10 best useful activities for kids.

Learning should be a joy and full of excitement. It is life’s greatest adventure; It is an illustrated excursion into the minds of the noble and the learned.” Taylor Caldwell

Virtual learning we call it online teaching-learning. Virtual learning takes place due to the covid-10 outbreak. The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted the academic year, since then the schools are closed and affected the study as well as the energetic and active life of the students. The doctors and others stand as worrier for our country, we the teacher also, do not have fewer responsibilities than them.

We the teachers have to work as guiders or responsible citizens of the nation more than this a responsible teacher a “Guru” and continuing our duty more seriously and effectively towards our work and students in this pandemic on virtual (online) mode.

Through online classes using various platforms such as: (Some virtual learning mode )

virtual learning mode

Apart from all these,, there are many more platforms available on the internet. The teacher can try to serve the kids in this pandemic. Using that virtual platform can make classroom teaching more effective and live. So that the students can also not miss school. Further, the covid 19 outbreak do not suffer their study.

Teachers can use the following activities in virtual mode and make the virtual learning experience more wonderful for the students as well teacher :

To creat awrness for virtual learning.:

  • Firstly and for most teacher have to create awareness . Awreness about the tool/ mode he/she will  going to use for online teaching throughout the year. For that teacher must have to conduct meeting with the parents on virtual mode and try to explain them about the app she is going to use. Explain them from downloading to use of app. Make them user friendly.
    •  Motivate the parents to make the child present on Online class.
  • For making online classes more effective and interesting one can conduct various virtual activities: (Innovative practices)

Some virtual learning the activities are as follow:

  • To inculcate the habit of reading, can give some stories or the chapter or poem which is going on. Instruct the students try to read correctly, record it and send it back to teacher.
    • Poem recitation 
    • Teacher can provide you tube video link or materials available on the net to students.
    • Teacher can conduct virtual salad making activity. In which they have to make salad and also explained how did they make it. It is really a fun activity.  Through these activity teachers can integrate many subjects such as English, Mathematics, art and craft etc.
You can see the preparation of salad making.
You can see the salad dish. Teachers can ask so many questions while doing activities. such as 1. Do you use raw food or cooked food items?
2. Is it healthy or unhealthy food?

3. Why should we eat healthy food? 4. How do you prepare this?
5. List items or materials required to prepare the salad.

And many more……
  • Teacher can arrange guest lecture. He / She can invite experts to teach particular topic which make the classroom teaching more effective. Eg. There is a chapter in class III NCERT EVS textbook “Saying Without Speaking “, to teach that concern teacher can invite teacher / professor  of Dumb and deaf school.
  • To continue to that activity assign task the students to do same activity at home and make a video and send it to teacher.
    • Reference link is given below

https://youtu.be/g9bWfJ2QL74 .

  • Students can prepare word diary such as opposite word diary , noun diary , phonics diary, word dictionary  and many more .
  • As we know that the time is hard and it is a duty of a teacher to make their children aware about this situation. In this pandemic to wear mask and hand wash is how much important that we all know. As awareness activity teacher can arrange  :         
  •   “ Hand wash challenge “. Guide them about the proper ways and steps of hand wash. Reference link is given below:
  • https://youtu.be/g9bWfJ2QL74.
  • Can plan virtual “COVID-19” awareness Day. Under which guide children about :
    1. How important to wear Mask?
    2. To maintain social distance.
    3. To stay home.
    4. Precautionary steps against COVID.
    5. Importance of hand sanitization or hand wash.
    6. Inculcation of healthy food habit in daily life
  • Can arrange virtual visit to a garden at home can show other children, children can learn about plants, trees and animals.
  •  To visit own kitchen, can teach topic food with fun activity.
  • Virtual house tour, can teach parts of houses or types of houses.
  • Apart from all these some of the virtual festivals can also be celebrated so that children can not be felt deprived from the origin. Virtual festivals like
    1. Rakshabandhan : Rakhi making
    2. Independence or Republic day
    3. Gandhi Jayanti
    4. Diwali or many more.
    5. Janmashtami etc
  •  To make students more attracted towards online teaching you can celebrate some special days or arrange fun based co-curricular activities on virtual mode such as:
    1. World book day
    2. World environment day
    3. Swachhta Pakhwada
    4. Vigilant Awareness week
    5. Story telling competition
    6. Fancy dress
    7. English or Hindi calligraphy
    8. Puppet making
    9. Drawing or poster making
    10.  Collage making
  • Teacher can use TPR (Total physical Response Method) to Make learning joyful.

        Change is an important part of our life.  This pandemic has changed so many things.    It is very hard to switch from offline to online.  But the above-mentioned activities can surely help you out and make your online or virtual classroom learning more effective and joyful.

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