How to develop Kids’ English Reading Skills? – 10 Best Useful Ways.

How to develop English reading skills? here is the answer. EnglReading is a very important skill or competency to be developed among children from the foundational age. A child can communicate easily but at the same time, he/she could not read properly or find difficulty in reading as reading is a complex process. Its complexity differs from child to child, some are very efficient in reading and some are slow learners.

To develop English reading skills You can use the following activities. Which can perform online or offline. A child can achieve the goal. The activities help them to develop reading skills easily.

Using these activities, a primary teacher can help the child to develop fundamental reading skills. It can help to make the foundational base strong. whereas in upper primary level or higher level these activities help in strengthening the reading ability and make them understand how or why reading is important in our life?

Regardless of which age group you are dealing with, the following activities surely help you to develop reading skills:

Activities to develop reading ability :

Awareness of Phonics to develop english reading skills.

Make your children aware of phonics. Letter and their sound help the students to read easily. Phonics play important role in reading English. To make your children aware of phonics you can show some videos, flashcards, phonics chart papers, etc. Phonics is base on English reading.

Reading Newspaper to develop english reading skills.

“Practice makes a man perfect “, this saying is surely right for developing reading skills.  Daily reading practice is much important to be a fluent reader. To inculcate the habit of daily reading, make sure that the child reads the newspaper daily. If the child is at foundational age, he/she can read the heading.  If the child belongs to upper or higher classes, he/she can read whole reports or newspapers. Reading newspaper make the child familiar with new words and he can explore more and become comprehend slowly and gradually.

Reading of Magazines / Storybooks/reading cards:

According to the level of the children, each school or home should have access to Magazines and storybooks. Encourage the child to read them. Nowadays various types of level-wise reading cards are available in printable form or online mode. You can use that reading cards to develop reading skills.

To watch news or shows:

Encourage the child to watch English news or English programs as listening is a very essential skill to develop reading skills.

Rhyming words chart to develop english reading skills.

At the primary level, rhyming words play a crucial role to develop reading skills. Examples are given below :

Word Wheel to develop english reading skills.

A word wheel is a teaching aid, it can be easily prepared by anyone. It is a very effective tool to teach blending words at a little higher level

Rhyming word activity

Chain games for reading skills.

Word chain game is very famous at all lev. It is useful for all levels. It is a very simple yet very effective way to develop reading skills.

A child has to speak out the word loudly and try to pronounce it correctly. Also, have to write the same word on board.  Suppose the child has written the word “elephant”, another child has to follow the same way and write and pronounce the word which starts with “T”, which means the last letter of previous words. It is a very common yet very interesting game.

One of the best activities for all the level students is: Instant reading:

In that teacher can promptly ask to read wrappers of anything ( wafers, biscuits, chocolates). Wrappers have written many things such as ingredients, methods of making, price, quantity, etc.

While traveling parents ask to read the board to the child while passing. The board has written many things such as the name of cities, the distance between cities, instructions, and many more. While traveling or exploring the market there are so many shops, you can ask the child to read the name of shops, the menu of a restaurant, etc. This instant reading activity encourages the child to read more and more. Develop his interest in reading.

Aloud Comprehension reading:

Provide the comprehension with the picture as per the level of the child. Comprehension has questions, ask the questions from the comprehension given, instruct the child to underline the answers. Then one by one ask the students to read the first comprehension loudly then question and answers. This activity involves listening skills. Which ultimately promotes reading skills. A good listener will be a good reader one day.

Find the word to develop english reading skills.

This is one of the enjoyable activities where you can find the involvement of the whole class. Just the teacher has to give them a paragraph as per level.

The teacher read the comprehension or paragraph. The students follow the teacher. Then silent reading by the students. Now teacher loudly asks the children to find out the words from the text suppose the teacher says “Good morning word “, so the children have to find out that word from the paragraph and underline it.

Likewise, she can ask to underline rhyming words, Nouns, Verbs, opposite words, etc. from the paragraph. At a higher level teacher ask them to summarize the paragraph.

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Let’s conclude with the best wishes that these fun reading activities help you to reach your goal. Implement and experiment with these interesting reading activities in your classroom and undoubtedly make your students fluent in reading. Moreover, I want to suggest the daily use of one of these activities in your classroom.

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