School Readiness Program for kids-12 useful activities and ideas.

 The school readiness program focuses on the training of the child in all aspects. The kid should train firstly emotionally and mentally to come to school or to join the online school. The school readiness program plans in such a way that the child loves to come to school.

Further, the School readiness program provides the space for the lack of early childhood education and readiness to adjust the kid into the school environment.  This readiness program helps the child remove insecurities of facing unknown places and people.


It is the duty of a teacher to provide a conducive as well as a cognitive environment to the child. Where the child feels secure and enjoys the learning situation.

As we all know when a child comes to you “The child is a blank slate”. So whatever as a teacher you write on it. It impacts the whole life of the child. So the duty of the teacher is to make the base concrete and strong so it helps to build a good educated skilled human. 

When a child comes to school it is just like that normal soil. You are the one who molds it and makes a pot from it. 

In short School readiness program helps :

  1. Creat child friendly atmosphere.
  2. To make the tiny tots feel happy and comfortable to attend the class.
  3. To give exposure to develop the pre learning skills Such as ,foundational literacy and numeracy.

Now, here I am sharing some objectives of the school readiness program. Which helps you to plan a school readiness program better way in your school.

Objectives of school Readiness program:

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Further, Let’s discuss the most important aspects of the school readiness program. i.e Role of the teacher. It surely helps all the teachers.

Role of the teacher for School readiness program :

Now, the whole education system has changed. Earlier it was a teacher-centered education system but Now it shifts to the Students’ centered education system.

Here is the role of the teacher as a facilitator. The teacher works as a guide.

For the Readiness program teacher must have to follow the following attributes towards each and every kid. As the kid comes to the school.

  • On the very first day a welcome program can be arranged by school. school can arrange virtual welcoming of the school.If a child comes to school you can welcome them by giving balloons , chocolates , pencils, and an eraser kit. But now-a-days it’s notpossible to come to school so you can guid parents to give them such welcome gifts by arranging Tika ceremonies. 
  • Introduction with Principal of the school, then class teacher followed by all subject teachers.
  • Then introduction with fellow classmates.
  • Teachers should always welcome the kid with a happy and smiling face.
  • Always say something good to the child. Appreciate the child.
  • Say goodbye with a smiling face after completion of each class.
  • Don’t ignore the child. Always Listen to them. Give space to put the ideas up front.
  • Introduce the child to a school building- each and every corner of the school. (Virtual tour can arrange ) Such as :
    1. Classrooms
    2. various Departments : Art department , Library , Activity room , computer lab , math Lab , science lab and many more.
    3. Toilet and  bathroom(wash area)
    4. Drinking place
    5. Staff room
    6. Principal room
    7. Medical room,etc.
  • Daily checking of personal hygiene of the kids
  • to develop healthy eating habits.
  • Lastly, provide needed guidance to the parents for online classes. Such as :
    1. Provide pre pre-link for homework submission.
    2. Give hands-on instructions and procedures for joining online classes.

What  should teachers do or not to Do? 

First, we discuss Do’s for the school readiness program:

  1. Polite to the child.
  2. Be Loving and caring towards the kids.
  3. Appreciate the child.
  4. Always encourage the child.
  5. Motherly behaviour towards the child.
  6. Always be with the child.
  7. Arrange and decorate the classroom as per level and interest of the child.
  8. Take meals with the child if it is an offline class.
  9. To arranhe the PTM( APrent Teachers Meeting) timely.

Next, Don’ts for School readiness program :

  • Never be harsh towards kids.
  • Nor be angry or scold the child.
  • No punishment. 
  • Never discourage the child.
  • Ignore the minor mistakes of the kids.

Finally, Let’s discuss the most important part of the school readiness program. Activities for the School Readiness Program :

Activities for the School Readiness Program :

Below mentioned all the activities surely help your kids to come to school or join the class.

1. Virtual or offline School tour for readiness program :

The first and foremost activity is to arrange a school tour for the kids. Whether they come physically to school or online.

Make the children aware from the entrance gate to the last corner of the school. As above said Show them :

  • Entrance of the school
  • School building
  • Playground
  • Parking area
  • Classrooms
  • Main departments such as school library , Principal cabine , Art room, staff rooms , computer labs etc
  • Toilets and bathrooms
  • Drinking areas etc.

Children can surely feel connected to school after doing this activity.

2. Toy based pedadogy  for the School Readiness Program:

When you can see the objects and touch their objects. It helps to develop the basic oral skills of the children. Then, slowly the child identifies the objects and try to give us the correct name.

 For this, you can show to the kids such as: 

  • Kitchen set
  • Domestic and wild animals
  • birds
  • Different modes of transport.
  • Dolls and teddy bears.

You can show the available toys and also tell them to show the same toy to the class if anyone has it. If it is online it is possible to do these. Or if it is offline you can instruct to bring it the next day.

3. TLM based learning For The School Readiness Program:

Teachers can prepare TLM to make the learning process interesting for kids. Teaching Learning Materials (TLM) based learning is an old yet very effective way of teaching. 

4.ICT based Activity for school readiness program : 

Teachers can prepare some PPT on various topics and show the kids, further can show,

  • rhymes at the initial stage
  • educational based cartoons
  • educational movies
  • YouTube videos
  • From this type of activity children hear and visual enjoy too. 

5.Observe and identify (Nature walk) for school readiness program :

Arrange nature walks for the kids. Tell them to walk around and observe the different birds, animals, trees, plants, vehicles passing by. Then, the teacher asks them related questions. Such as :

  • What did they see ?
  •  Did anyone see any beautiful bird?
  •  Is it a sunny or rainy day ?
  •  Did they see any flowering plants around?  Many more.

6.Story telling  for school readiness program:

  • Teacher can narrate value based story. 
  • Then,Dramatizes the story for interesting learning.
  • Next, Pictures cards of stories and then ask children to arrange them in sequences
  • Children can narrate stories with proper intonation and actions. Show story books with pictures. 

7.Poem recitation for school readiness program :

  • Teach theme welcome and Good Morning songs.
  • Show Video or audio of prayer and national anthem.
  • Show some educational based rhymes or poems to the children.
  • Allow them to recite the poem with actions.
  • Teachers too show poems with proper actions.

8. Games and play:

Children love to play games. So it is among all the best activities for kids under the School readiness program. Some activities are:

  • Concept of left and right : Teacher can loudly tell you to raise your right hand up , children follow the instructions. Then say left hand followed by left leg and right leg. To expand the activity, observe and tell things placed at the right side or left side. This is very interesting as well as child centric activity.
  • Fire on the Mountain : This paly exactly like musical chair, But as its online, child run at own place and do the action which teacher yell. Like , jump , laugh , cry, sing etc.
  • Parts of body : Teacher yells the parts of body and children have to touch that part . Such as Nose , ears , hands, legs , chain etc.
  • Make a group of objects: Teacher yells like collect five pencils. A child runs and collects the pencils,  and collects any three toys. Such type of activities help to develop basic numeracy among the children

There are many more activities that you can try and make your ward readiness days happy.

9. Conversations :

it is a very practical activity. Where the teacher can give a chance to each and every child to speak. Every day for 15 min. this activity can be arranged.

  • First the children introduce themself to each other.
  • Then, talk about family , friends and neighbourhood.
  • Daily teacher chooses the topic of the talk.
  • Topics such as Myself , my hobby, my family , my school , fruits , animals etc. 
  • These can make the child more comfortable with teachers and other fellow classmates.

10. Playing with clay :

Clay modeling is a very effective way to keep students busy at the same time learning-oriented activity. Tell the children to make different fruits, utensils, shapes, numbers, etc. 

11.Activities based learning for school readiness program:

Many concepts can develop through these. Such as,

  • Concept of Long and short : Show them related objects like two pencils. Let them observe and decide which is long and short.
  • Big and small: same way so the object is like two colours. Let them tell which is long and short.
  • Numbers counting: let the child count marbles , pencils and other things available.
  • Opposite or rhymimg words: Show them related flashcards.
  • Concept of shapes : Show them balls , blackboard , samosa roti etc. Tell them to find out the shape. 
  • Concept of Colours: Show chart of colours . colourful clothes , colour objects around. Let them enjoy and try to understand the colour concepts.

These seem like very easy activities but these kinds of easy and experimental activities are very useful to develop basic literacy and numeracy among children. Experiential learning is also the best way for a readiness program. Here I share a link for experiential learning. What is experiential learning?

12.Phonics awareness activity for school readiness program:

To develop the basic reading ability among children. It is needed to develop phonics awareness among students. For the entry-level, you can arrange the following activities for kids. For examples:

  • Color the beginning  sound..
  • Phonic poem
  • Hack pool noodles into phonics tools.
  • Make phonics cubes
  • Family flower.
  • Alphabet ball
  • Walk the word etc 

You can use all the above activities to develop knowledge of phonics in your kids. These are the best activities to develop phonics awareness in the kids.


As teachers and parents, we all want our children to live and study in a healthy environment. All the above-given instructions for the school readiness program will surely help you to make your child more comfortable at school. Additionally, I share some activities which make learning easy for your kids. 

All the above activities help to develop physical skills such as:

It helps to develop scholastics and co-scholastic skills among children. Further, it develops creative and critical thinking among children. So do check out all these activities and implement them in your real-life classroom situation. Each surely helps you all.

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